Project AWESOME Mentoring Program

My name is Huimee Sanchez, and I am one of the Student Engagement Coordinators for Project AWESOME. I work alongside Remington Maxwell, the other Student Engagement Coordinator. As Computer Science majors, we are interested in providing encouragement and support to other women in computing majors, and this is where Project AWESOME plays a part.

Project AWESOME is a club that dedicates itself to helping keep women engaged in this career path through meetings, workshops, and social events. We also offer mentoring programs to incoming students, not just to offer assistance with schoolwork, but to also have a friend to share experiences with.   For more information on Project Awesome, please see our brochure below.

This year, we will once again be hosting a mentoring program for incoming freshmen who show an interesting in Computing and Technology majors.  Anyone with a passion for promoting women in Computer Science careers, regardless of how many Computer Science classes you have taken, is eligible to become a mentor.  If you are interested in being a mentor or a protege for this program, please fill out the application at the link below by September 16th.  Please note that applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. The sooner you fill out your application, the better chance you have of taking part in the mentoring program. Before filling out the application, please note the mentoring terms:

Mentoring Program Terms

  • Mentoring Program extends to end of school year
  • Mentor/Protege relationship will be based on emotional support.  Specifically, the mentor's role will be to make the protege feel comfortable and welcome at UCSC.  This may entail listening to concerns the protege may have such as problems with roommates and studying during midterms and finals.  This may also include showing the protege resources that are available on campus such as the Career Center, Advising Office, CAPS, etc.  The mentor's focus will not be on tutoring the protege in specific classes.  However, the mentor may provide support and tutoring for a class if the mentor chooses to.  This is up to the discrepancy of the mentor.
  • Mentors and proteges should meet once a week for the first quarter for approximately an hour.  After the first quarter, this will probably be move to meetings every two weeks.  Since this is a new program, we will probably meet and discuss at the end of the Fall quarter what would be best for Winter quarter.  Mentors and proteges are more than welcome to meet more times if they so choose, but it will be up to the mentor and protege to work out these details.
  • Once a month there will be meetings for all mentors and proteges to attend.  These meetings will probably consist of providing information to both mentors and proteges so that they can get the most that they can out of this experience.  It will also be a great time for proteges and mentors to network with each other.
  • Get ready to have some fun and meet some great people! :)

Mentoring Application Link

Project Awesome Mentoring Application

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email

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