Welcome to Project AWESOmE!  (Advancing Women's Education in the School Of Engineering)

We are excited that you are considering a major in Computer Science!  Project AWESOmE was set up to identify, encourage, and nurture smart young women who may have an interest in this exciting and growing field. The future of technology needs you!

Project AWESOmE is determined to keep awesome students like YOU interested, engaged, and pursuing a degree that is not only great for your future, but a lot of fun.  We’re organizing a variety of events throughout the year, featuring guest speakers, workshops, or sometimes just socializing, offering you plenty of opportunities to meet and stay connected with other students and faculty. Sign up below to get on our mailing list for invitations to Project AWESOmE special events. Let your friends know too, all are welcome.


The Project AWESOmE Team

Adrienne Harrell, Director, Undergraduate Student Affairs


May 8th, 2014:

Join Project Awesome at the Anita Borg Institutes Women of Vision Award Banquet. To sign up for a seat at the banquet visit http://women-of-vision.org/. If you get a set, email mcdowell@ucsc.edu so we can include you in the group van that will be taking participants to the event.


To sign up for Spring CMPS 11 Study Sessions, email rsmaxwel@ucsc.edu.



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Double Major Options:

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